Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Spring Tease

Its that time of year again when the fairways turn blue! We couldn't have had better weather over the past few weeks to get prepared for the upcoming season. Hundreds of golfers were out to enjoy the 70 degree weather that gave us an early taste of spring. Weed control was our main focus as you can see from the picture below. Annual spray of non selective herbicide along with a pre emergent and blue dye has been completed. It was a full team effort, taking all four members of our staff three days to accomplish. Also with no extremely low temperatures in the near future, it was decided to charge the irrigation system back up. A sometimes complicated process went fairly smooth this year with no major leaks(knock on wood). We hope the warmer temperatures continue as we are ready to get the 2016 season started! Come out and enjoy a round at the Ridge!